Types of Drinking Straws

Types of Drinking Straws


Short or tall, colorful or traditional, drinking straws have almost as many styles as the tumblers and glasses they go in! Not only are drinking straws fun and functional for both kids and adults, but they’re a classic complement to beverages. This buying guide is the perfect place to compare and contrast everything from regular to colossal-sized straws and neutral to bold-colored straws. Start here to find exactly the right types of straws for your cafeteria or restaurant.



School Milk Straws:

Your younger patrons shorter in size will love to use a shorter straw that fits perfectly within their milk or juice cartons. These aptly named school milk straws are shorter in length and thinner in diameter than regular-sized straws and are offered in unwrapped and individually-wrapped styles. Great for school cafeterias or with kids’ meals at restaurants, these straws also work well for serving up favorite fruit juices or cocktails in rocks glasses.

Straw Comparison

Jumbo Straws:

Next in terms of thickness and length are jumbo straws, what one might consider a regular-sized straw. These straws are designated for pure liquid beverages, as opposed to thicker blended drinks. Our selection of jumbo straws have varying lengths to accommodate different sizes of plastic tumblers and glassware, but their diameter width makes them ideal for serving fizzy fountain sodas and refreshing fruit juices! Offered in a variety of colors, these jumbo straws are also a great size for kids' plastic cups.

Super Jumbo Spoon Straws:

Similar in diameter to the jumbo straw, the super jumbo spoon straw adds a multi-use element by functioning as both a spoon and straw, making it an ideal choice for large dessert drinks such as milkshakes, slushies, or blended coffee drinks. Thanks to its sturdy construction and usually vibrant color, it is a perfect addition to ice cream shops, convenience stores, and concession stands.

Giant Straws:

Add profitable items to your menu by offering chilled and delicious blended drinks, such as slushies, smoothies, and milkshakes! Straw ComparisonFor these items, you'll need a wider straw to continuously sip with ease. These giant straws are a great option for ice cream shops, cafes, and coffee shops offering drinks packed with fresh fruit, chocolate, and other sweet flavors.

Colossal Straws:

In some cases, giant straws are simply not wide enough for your gourmet liquid creations. Our colossal straws really pull through for those super-thick blended drinks! Serve creamy milkshakes blended from premium ice cream and other sweet liquefied treats with these fun straws that your customers are sure to enjoy.


Bold Colors:

Add a pop of color to your tabletop or your to-go cups with these beautifully-bright colored drinking straws. Our Choice boldly-colored straws, neon krazy straws, and neon soda straws come in a variety of bold colors to spruce up any fountain drink or other favorite beverage. Treat both kids and adults alike with these whimsical straws.

Fun & Flexible:

These straws offer a twisty, bendable design and convenient handling for customers of all ages. Keep the kids entertained with a straw they can bend as they please, or assist customers of your restaurant or health care facility with limited dexterity by offering accessible straws. Our flexible straws come in a variety of sizes and colors, including straws with decorative paper decorations that transform any beverage into a stylish, festive occasion!

Spoon Straws:

Great for slushies, snow cones, smoothies, milkshakes, and other ice cream treats that you could eat with either a spoon or a straw, scoop up your tasty cold treats with a spoon straw—the best of both worlds! This straw’s open-ended feature doubles as a small spoon, which is both convenient for thick drinks and fun to use. These straws are offered in 8" or 10 1/4" sizes


Enhance your operation’s sanitation with our selection of individually-wrapped straws. A great solution for busy cafeterias and fast food restaurants, your customers’ straws stay clean and untouched until ready for use, as opposed to reaching for unwrapped straws. Our selection of individually-wrapped straws includes sizes from school milk straws to giant straws, as well as a variety of colors from traditional to bold.


These types of straws provide the perfect option for environmentally-conscious consumers. Eco-Product's straws are slightly more fragile than traditional plastic straws, but they are made of a 100% renewable resource PLA, also known as corn plastic, and are fully compostable.

Brand Comparison

  School Milk Straws Jumbo Straws Giant Straws Colossal Straws Bold Colors Fun & Flexible Spoon Straws Individually-Wrapped Environmentally-Friendly
Dart Solo              
D&W Fine Pack Enviroware        

Mixed Drink Stirrers

Stirrers: Ideal for stirring hot or cold beverages, cocktails, or mixed drinks, our selection of stirrers are sold in lengths varying from 5” to 7 3/4”. A must have for any bar, our stirrers are available in black, clear, and bold colors. Also known as sip straws, many are about the same 5” length as school milk straws, but these stirrers have thinner diameters.

Collins Straws: Wider in diameter than sip straws, these Collins straws have a small diameter similar to school milk straws, but they are about 3” longer with a length of 7 7/8" to accommodate drinks in taller glasses. Popular in tall mixed drinks and cocktails like Collins drinks, our selections of Collins straws are available in black, green, and red. Stirrers or Collins straws make a great addition to your restaurant, bar, or outdoor patio!

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Storing and Dispensing

With so many straws to choose from, you’ll need a place where they can all be safely stored and dispensed. We offer the following varieties and more:

Bulk straw dispensers allow straws to be dispensed to customers quickly and easily. Our selection of wrapped straw dispensers makes sure that sanitation is always a priority, especially in busy places like cafeterias, as your customers reach for their straws. Check out double sided straw dispensers so your customers can access a straw from either side of the cafeteria line. Cylinder-shaped straw dispensers have a fun, vintage feel, great for diners or ice cream shops, as your customers can lift the lid of the cylinder-shaped canister to reach the straws.

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